Working with APS

Agri-Placement Services, Inc. (APS), an established agricultural employment agency, is recruiting hard-working, physically capable and responsible candidates to work on dairy farms, agricultural operations and other types of businesses in various regions of the United States for over twenty years. This is physically demanding work in a fast-paced environment. We highly emphasize producing quality milk and other products while working in a safe manner.

Dairy Job Duties

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Specific Jobs Vary

Procedures are created by operation leadership with the goal of creating a healthy and comfortable environment for the animals as well as safe and productive working conditions for all. Procedures from one operation to another may vary slightly depending on each specific operation’s expectations.

Wages and Hours

Starting wage is a competitive wage working over sixty hours a week, five to six days a week, both night and day shifts depending on the needs of the operation.


Employee is responsible for his own transportation and is expected to arrive on-site by an assigned date to start working. In most cases, transportation is provided to/from employee housing and job sites.


In most cases, employee housing is provided as a job benefit. Employee housing is adequately furnished and contains basic necessities for kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, as well as many other amenities, such as TV and internet.

Additional Information

Employee must bring U.S. dollars in cash for purchasing groceries, work clothing and footwear, and miscellaneous personal items for daily living for the first week on the job prior to receiving first paycheck.

Other Job Requirements

Documents that establish identity and work authorization must be presented for verification in order to complete all required new hire paperwork prior to starting work. Examples of such documents include a Social Security Card and an unexpired driver’s license or other unexpired government-issued photo identification. All documents must be originals, no photocopies will be accepted.