Who We Are


Our History

In October 1999, APS was developed and launched as a division of Dairylea Cooperative, Inc. under the direction of F. Brandon Mallory, who was serving as an agricultural labor consultant. Mr. Mallory transitioned APS into a successful, independent organization in December 2000.

Under Mr. Mallory’s supervision, APS member clientele has grown from 1 member business in New York to over 100 member businesses in 18 different states from Maine to Georgia to Minnesota.

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Our Leadership Team

APS is comprised of a team of bilingual human resource leaders with a variety of diverse work and cultural experiences.

Our team collectively has lived abroad, served in the Peace Corps, worked for departments of labor and agriculture, were raised on farms, and have years of human resources experience.

Each one brings a unique skill set to round out our team as a whole so that we can offer all clients the highest level of customer service as well as elite access to our combined experience and knowledge base.

Our leadership team approach to solve problems and resolve conflicts is client-specific and truly unmatched in the industry.


Vision Statement

Agri-Placement Services’ vision is to become the national leader in third-party agricultural and general business human resources services and employer-employee relations.


Mission Statement

APS provides ethical principles in human resources leadership that supports profitability, employer and employee welfare, while successfully earning the satisfaction, respect and trust of each.


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Compensation and Benefits

HR Information Management

Regulatory Compliance


Core Values

APS provides ethical principles in human resources leadership that supports profitability, employer and employee welfare, while successfully earning the satisfaction, respect and trust of each.

  • We deliver on our promises.

  • We live up to the highest standards of fairness and ethical behavior.

  • We act with compassion and genuine care for every human relationship, seeking what is good.

  • We are a leading example of proactive human resources leadership that cultivates an atmosphere of productivity.

  • We develop and empower our employee clients to develop skills necessary to exceed performance expectations.

  • We are transformational leaders who gain commitment, retain talent and develop competence.

  • We know leadership is relationship and as such, makes our relationship with our employer and employee client the foundation of our success.

  • We promote clear, concise and direct communication to get to the heart of issues.

  • We are proficient bilingual communicators, interpreting in a respectful and authentic manner.

  • We solve problems by confronting them with affirmation, open-dialogue and never compromising principles.

  • We are able to connect with employer and employee clients at all organizational levels.

  • We approach every client in a friendly, personable and courteous manner creating lasting impressions.

  • We stay well informed of the latest trends in the field of agricultural human resources leadership.

  • We are subject matter experts of agricultural labor laws and leading advocates for legislative change.

  • We remain up-to-date on cutting-edge technology.

  • We value and develop our team members’ diverse talent, initiative and leadership.

  • We collaborate with employee and employer clients to create win-win solutions.

  • We advocate for what is ‘right’ to deliver lawful outcomes.

  • We know that employers and employees are first priority.

  • We build healthy relationships by spending time, listening, and delivering on commitments.

  • We work hard to earn the respect from our clients.

  • We constantly seek new opportunities to learn, to improve, to teach and to add value.

  • We are flexible in work schedule to accommodate the needs of our clients and personal values.

  • We understand the demands of our role; we support physical and mental health.

  • We organize and focus our resources for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

  • We respect each other’s time.

  • We practice good stewardship of our resources.

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